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Detailed information about your case is now available at
After accessing the website, choose "Michigan Trustees", "Krispen Carroll", then "Chapter 13 Inquiry".
The userID is your bankruptcy case number, with your social security number as the password. Please do not enter any dashes as a part of either of these prompts.

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Debtor Orientation Handbook!
[May 20, 2015]

The Debtor Orientation Handbook has been updated, the most recent version is in the Information Section.

A copy is also available HERE.

Updated Chapter 13 Handbook!
[May 20, 2015]

The latest PDF version is available HERE.

National Data Center Signup!
[May 13, 2015]

Attorneys that want access to can access the User Agreement form HERE. A short video to help explain NDC features for debtors can be viewed HERE

Judge Shefferly Time Slots Updated!
[May 13, 2015]

The updated time slots for Judge Shefferly effective with the August 11, 2015 docket can be found Here.

Chapter 7 Trustee Document Delivery Information!
[July 8, 2014]

Please review the updated contact list and document delivery preferences for Chapter 7 Trustees. Please note that we do not create or maintain this list, it is posted as a courtesy to the bankruptcy community.

The latest PDF version is available HERE.

[May 1, 2014]

Please use the following email addresses to forward documents to the Trustee's office:

Proposed OCPs and Confirmation Hearing Statements for Judge Randon's Dockets:

Proposed OCPs and Confirmation Hearing Statements for Judge Shefferly's Dockets:

Service of Income Verification and Tax Returns:

Line 30 Calculation Updated!
[January 13, 2014]

The Excel file used to calculate Line 30 for Form 22C has been updated and can be found Here. The dollar amount and percent fields in red can be edited as can the Case Number and Name sections.

End of IRS Form 2848 Requirements!
[December 11, 2013]

The Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the Southern Division of the Eastern District of Michigan will no longer require an IRS Form 2848 for cases filed on or after January 1, 2014. More information about this policy can be found HERE.

Please find IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative for cases filed in 2013 HERE, Updated 10-3-2012.

The form has been updated by the office to add the required Trustee information and paragraph 5 language. The debtor information can be filled in using Adobe Reader the form can then be printed and signed by the debtor(s).

The debtor(s) must inital section 6. This must be done by .

The IRS Forms 2848 on this website are only for the Office of Chapter 13 Trustee - Krispen S. Carroll.

The Trustees' Notice Regarding IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative can be found HERE.

ACH Payment Update!
[January 30, 2013]

Effective immediately debtors that want to change their ACH withdrawal date must contact their attorney to prepare and file a Stipulation and Order with the court authorizing the date change.

Please click HERE for an interactive PDF copy of the ACH agreement form. The original form can be found HERE. You may also visit the Library/Forms page to download either form.

ACH is only available for debtor(s) proposing a MONTHLY plan payment.

Model Plan 3.0!
[January 18, 2013]

The new Model Plan has been added to the Library/Forms section here and can be found as a Word document and a pdf file.

Application for Order Authorizing Debtors' Continued Employment of Attornet for Non-Bankruptcy Legal Matter with Litigation Questionnaire!
[December 5, 2012]

The Application for Order Authorizing Debtors' Continued Employment of Attorney for Non-Bankruptcy Legal Matter with Litigation Questionnaire for the Office of Chapter 13 Trustee - Krispen S. Carroll has been added to the Library/Forms section and can be found Here.

Updated 13Network Login Procedure!
[November 1, 2012]

Please be advised that effectively immediately when a debtor is logging into our 13Network website the Password is now only the last four digits of their Social Security Number.

Trustee Fee Change
[October 1, 2012]

The Trustee Fee for the Office of Krispen S. Carroll will be 5.0% effective October 1, 2012.

Please continue to use a higher percentage, at least 6.5%, when performing plan calculations to account for future Trustee Fee changes.

Updated Office Hours!
[September 27, 2012]

Please be advised that effectively immediately office hours for the Office of Chapter 13 Trustee - Krispen S. Carroll have changed to 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The office will remain closed between 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM daily. This does not change document deadline submission times.

Central Email Reader!
UPDATED [January 18, 2011]

Please use

We are pleased to announce a new service to assist with the administration of documents required for the 341 Meeting of creditors and court hearings.

We have created a central email reader tied in to our case management software.

Documents sent to the central email reader email address will receive an acknowledgement of receipt email and will be routed to the appropriate person within our office.

To help minimize confusion we have created a joint guideline document, with the Offices of David Wm. Ruskin and Tammy L. Terry, for using the central email reader.

The document outlines the procedures in common to both offices and highlights areas of difference between our offices.

The joint announcement from the Offices of Krispen S. Carroll and David Wm. Ruskin with detailed instructions on how to use this new service, along with examples of use and how the system responds, can be found HERE.

Please begin using the central email reader now. We ask that you use this process exclusively as of January 18, 2011.

Proposed Plan Modification Template Updated!
[January 18, 2011]

The Proposed Plan Modification Template has been updated to meet the notice requirements for Form B20A, effective December 1, 2010. Here.

Debtor Orientation Update!
[September 30, 2010]

Updated Debtor Orientation and 341 Meeting time information can be found HERE.

Order Signature Blocks
[December 18, 2008]

Please remember to fully complete Order signature blocks when submitting Orders to the Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee - Krispen S. Carroll.

Pursuant to the Bankruptcy Court's ECF Procedure 11(d) all signature blocks must contain the following information or they can be rejected by the court.

Name of Filer or User
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Email Address
Attorney Bar Number (if applicable).

To view the court's ECF Procedures as a PDF click here.

Revised DET13 Email List Enrollment Form Available!
[May 22, 2008]

The revised enrollment for the DET13 email list is available HERE.

Procedures for Telephone Status Conferences
[February 27, 2008]

Procedures for initiating court ordered telephone status conferences with the Trustee's office can be found HERE and on the Information Page.

Please make use of the links provided on this site for communicating with the Trustee and Travis Hall, our Webmaster.
Questions or problems regarding this website should be directed to the Webmaster at Travis Hall.

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