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Payment Orders for Visteon
[October 13, 2005]

Our office has recently received notification from Visteon that as of October 1, 2005 its UAW employees have become Ford Motor Company employees. Visteon has requested that new payment orders for hourly employees be directed to the attention of:

Ford Motor Company
Payroll Services
6 Parkland Blvd.
Fairlane Office Center I, Suite 200
Dearborn, MI 48126

To avoid delays, you may FAX orders to Ford at (313) 390-1332 or call (877) 638-0182 for help desk information

Administrative Order Issued
[September 30, 2004]

The Court has issued an Administrative Order Regarding Certain Chapter 13 Procedures. Please click HERE for a PDF version of the Order.

Guest Voice Mailboxes
[April 13, 2004]

The guest voice mailbox system is operational. However, there is a change in the way the system is accessed. To access the system, dial 313/962-5035, when the AUDIX message begins press the # key and your three-digit extension number. The system will no longer prompt you for the extension number.

Please click HERE for instructions
on how to use the system.

Please remember to check your voice mailbox for messages on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shannon Horton at extension 230 or 313/962-2383.

[April 12, 2004]

In an attempt to avoid busy signals on TRAC, we have installed additional modems, DOUBLING our dial-in capacity. We hope this will allow easier access to TRAC during these large docket periods.

New Trustee Policy Regarding
Executory Contract Claims

[January 9, 2004]

In an effort to promote conformity with BR 3001 and substantially complying with the Official Proof of Claim form, our office will be filing objections to the proofs of claim of several large automotive creditors with regard to their executory contract claims. Currently, many such claims contain the total value of the vehicle as the amount of the claim and leave it to the various trustee staff to determine the actual amount the creditor is entitled to during the life of the plan. Many claims fail to disclose any arrearages on the face of the claim, but list arrearage amounts on attachments.


The attachments are "supporting documentation" which should not set forth separate claim amounts, but should justify the amount listed on the face of the claim. The claim amount should identify the sums that the creditor expects to receive during the life of the plan. A further breakdown showing monthly payments amounts and a total market value for the vehicle can be part of an attachment to the claim.

The Trustee would welcome any responsive email comments on this issue and would like to come to a resolution over format for large institutional creditors.
She can be reached directly at the following link:

Krispen S. Carroll

New Court Fee Schedule
[October 27, 2003]

The Court has issued a Notice to Bankruptcy Practitioners of Changes to Miscellaneous Fee Schedule. These changes are effective November 1, 2003.

Please click HERE for a PDF version of the Notice.

Policy Regarding Documents
in Advance of 341 Meetings

[October 7, 2003]

Effective with all cases filed after January 1, 2004, please forward copies of Federal tax returns for the two years preceding the filing of the Chapter 13 Petition (including all attachments) and a copy of debtor’s most recent pay stub (issued within the last 30 days) to the Trustee. These documents should be sent to the Trustee at the same time the Chapter 13 Plan is filed.
11 U.S.C. § 521(3)

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